Does Record sound different than Reason?

Written by Giles Reaves (selig).

Q: Does Record's basic audio path sound different from Reason's? Is there any overall saturation or EQ curve being applied by the SSL mixer in Record that may make Record sound inherently different from Reason?
A: There is no "overall effect" like saturation or EQ curve being applied by any of the mixers in Reason or Record, the NNXT, or ReWire itself. Reason and Record's basic audio path is not just ruler flat, but pancake flat as well. Laughing

Does Record's Default Mixer alter the signal?

Written by Wendy Dunham (wendylou) and Giles Reaves (selig).

Q: Does Record's mixer alter the signal frequency in any way when using the default audio path? (i.e. does the mixer change or "color" the sound, making it better or worse?)
A: No. Tests have demonstrated that the basic audio path of Record is "ruler flat".  Input equaled output with absolutely no variation.

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