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Flying Cars are Almost Here!

Airmule FanCraft Flying Car

Flying Cars

In the 21st century, we were told we would all be driving flying cars. From the Jetsons to Blade Runner, it's been the promised dream. One company is actually going to deliver on the flying car, and they have a full-scale prototype that is preparing for untethered flight tests. The company is Urban Aero and below is their real, full-size flying AirMule Fancraft™ prototype. This fancraft is an unmanned model that is over 7 feet tall and powered by a 730 horsepower turbo-shaft engine. A piloted model called X-Hawk will follow later and is designed to carry up to 8 people.

I added the Photoshop labels to make it look more like a Spinner from Blade Runner! 😎 Visit their website link to see more photos & videos, including an autonomous hover test.

urbanaero cityhawk

The AirMule is awesome and represents years of engineering effort. Although other companies talk about making flying cars, and some even have prototypes, Urban Aero seems the closest to actual free-flight, having recently completed successful tethered hovering tests. These fancrafts will easily out-maneuver helicopters in urban emergency & rescue flight scenarios without the danger of exposed rotors.

The world is watching and cheering you on! We want our flying cars! Go, Urban, go! 😃



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