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Restless Legs & Leg Cramps

Restless Legs and Leg Cramps - Alsara Vein Clinic

I had restless legs & leg cramps at night starting in 1999. The more I exercised and walked, the worse my leg cramps became at night. It got so bad, I stopped taxing my leg muscles. I thought the problems had something to do with exercising muscles or perhaps even medications I was taking for type 2 diabetes or other things. Years later, I began to experience swelling ankles (edema) and some skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation). About that time, I happen to employ with a vein clinic as a web & graphic designer. Although I was becoming aware of varicose veins and how some symptoms included restless legs, leg cramps, swelling, discoloration, heaviness, tired legs, I still thought my symptoms were perhaps related to diabetes, as was my neuropathy in my feet. Indeed, my Primary Care Physician (PCP) even told me I did not have varicose veins (she was under the misperception that varicose veins would be visible under the skin). However, as I later learned, not everyone has visible varicose veins. In fact, 90% of leg veins are deep inside the muscles and not visible.

I eventually asked Dr. Sam Gupta at Alsara Vein Clinic if my symptoms were related to varicose veins rather than diabetes type 2 or any medication I was taking. Dr. Gupta suggested I get a complete ultrasound mapping of my legs so that they could actually look for any reflux – a measurement of how much the vein valves are failing by allowing blood to flow back towards the feet. The ultrasound scan revealed that I did, indeed, have reflux in my veins (the valves had failed). This means I had varicose veins – even though they were not visible beneath the skin.

Sam Gupta, M.D. treated both legs with Endovenous Laser Ablation – a simple in-office procedure. The procedure is rather painless and quick, and I went right back to work afterward. The diseased vein is sealed and the body slowly absorbs it. The rest of your veins take over. The outcome was that my restless legs and leg cramps ceased immediately!

I highly recommend Alsara Vein Clinic and Sam Gupta, M.D., MPH, Vein Specialist, as this is all he does – vein treatment! So many patients come to Alsara Vein Clinic who have yet to connect their symptoms, such as restless legs, leg cramps, or swelling, with varicose veins. Yet veins are the real reason for these symptoms. The solution is so quick and easy, anyone can do it. Most insurances cover varicose vein treatments. The results are well worth it. It will really change your life. You'll get your legs back!

If you have any of these symptoms of varicose veins and were not really sure what was causing them or what could be done, now you know!

Restless Legs, Leg Cramps, Alsara Clinic

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