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Restless Legs & Leg Cramps

I had restless legs & leg cramps at night starting in 1999. The more I exercised and walked, the worse my leg cramps became at night. It got so bad, I stopped taxing my leg muscles. I thought the problems had something to do with exercising muscles or perhaps even medications I was taking for type 2 diabetes or other things. Years later, I began to experience swelling ankles (edema) and some skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation). About that time, I happen to employ with a vein clinic as a web & graphic designer. Although I was becoming aware of varicose veins and how some symptoms included restless legs, leg cramps, swelling, discoloration, heaviness, tired legs, I still thought my symptoms were perhaps related to diabetes, as was my neuropathy in my feet. Indeed, my Primary Care Physician (PCP) even told me I did not have varicose veins (she was under the misperception that varicose veins would be visible under the skin). However, as I later learned, not everyone has visible varicose veins. In fact, 90% of leg veins are deep inside the muscles and not visible.